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Key Indicator: Bank Rates - 7% | CRR = 4.00% | SLR = 21.25% | REPO Rate: 6.50% --- USD Buying: 3.9345 | Selling - 3.9385 | GHSNGN: 71.63-71.63                                                 Key Indicator: Bank Rates - 7% | CRR = 4.00% | SLR = 21.25% | REPO Rate: 6.50% --- USD Buying: 3.9345 | Selling - 3.9385 | GHSNGN: 71.63-71.63                                                              Key Indicator: Bank Rates - 7% | CRR = 4.00% | SLR = 21.25% | REPO Rate: 6.50% --- USD Buying: 3.9345 | Selling - 3.9385 | GHSNGN: 71.63-71.63

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Central Investment Bank

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Personal Loans

These loans are available to meet individual financial needs for the acquisition of fixed assets such as purchase a plot of land, furniture, refrigerator, television sets, school fees of defendants, medical bills, funeral expenses etc.

GTB Kwik Loan (Personal Loan)

    This is a general purpose loan intended to meet the specific needs of clients, such as payment of school fees, rent, etc.

    This facility is targeted at salaried workers who earn not less than GH¢200.00 monthly.

Auto Link (Auto Loan)

    This credit product is for the purchase of brand new vehicles. Auto companies will provide successful applicants with the vehicles they desire.

    The loan amount will be paid directly to the auto company.

    The customer must contribute at least 20% of the value of the car.

Exec Loan (Executive Personal Loan)

    This product is intended to offer credit facilities to executives and high net worth employees of blue chip companies.

    It is targeted at the top end of the retail market. Only individuals who earn not less than GH¢25,000.00 net salary a year qualify to apply for this facility.

Asetanapa (Asset Finance)

    This product is structured in a form of a loan for the purchase of assets such as microwaves, furniture, refrigerators, washing machines and personal computers.

    A supplier will provide the product to any customer applying for this type of loan.

    The loan amount will be paid directly to the supplier.

Advance Cash (Salary Advance)

    This credit product is limited to customers who maintain a salary account with CIB.

    Customers can access up to 80% of their salary in advance.

NIB Plus Loan (Scheme Loan)

    This loan is given to reputable institutions for their employees.

    It enables these institutions free up working capital that would otherwise be tied up in loans to members of staff.

    The employees need not have accounts with the bank. Their employer will be responsible for the deductions of repayment amounts for onward transfer to GTB, at the end of each month.



NIB’s “We Pay For Your Dreams” is a customer friendly package which offers an opportunity to salaried workers with recognized institutions, as well as GTB account holders to purchase any desired electronic gadget such as refrigerators, blenders, mobile phones and generator sets from GTB Accredited distributors.

“We Pay For Your Dreams” also enables salaried workers and account holders of NIB to buy building materials and pay over a period at very flexible terms.

Payment is within a period of 12 or 18 months per the customer’s choice and at a zero interest rate.


    Completed application form

    Last 3 months pay slip ( salaried workers)


    Pick a form from any branch of GTB

    Select an item(s) from the product catalogue

    Obtain an invoice for selected product(s) at the branch

    Get your employer to endorse the form (Salaried workers)

    Complete the application form and submit with relevant documents to any NIB branch