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Key Indicator: Bank Rates - 7% | CRR = 4.00% | SLR = 21.25% | REPO Rate: 6.50% --- USD Buying: 3.9345 | Selling - 3.9385 | GHSNGN: 71.63-71.63                                                 Key Indicator: Bank Rates - 7% | CRR = 4.00% | SLR = 21.25% | REPO Rate: 6.50% --- USD Buying: 3.9345 | Selling - 3.9385 | GHSNGN: 71.63-71.63                                                              Key Indicator: Bank Rates - 7% | CRR = 4.00% | SLR = 21.25% | REPO Rate: 6.50% --- USD Buying: 3.9345 | Selling - 3.9385 | GHSNGN: 71.63-71.63

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Central Investment Bank

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Clients’  banking and investments

    Protect your wealth by investing your assets in well-regulated financial centers with economic and political stability.

    Our financial experts help clients around the world to secure their wealth. We offer banking, savings, investments and mortgages. We’re politically and economically stable in financial centers and can give you access to banking and investment products that aren’t available locally, in sterling, euros, US dollars and other currencies of your choice.

Why Guarantee Trust Bank?

 A Bank account can open up new financial planning benefits and opportunities. You might be looking for banking services that aren’t available in your home country, or maybe a safe place for your money amid political or economic uncertainty. Banking with GTB Group, We understand that each client has their own reasons for banking. You may need more than your local bank can offer. You may want a secure financial haven from political or economic uncertainty. Or you may simply need financial planning options that aren’t available locally. Whatever your reasons, our banking products and services are designed to help you manage, protect and grow your wealth. And by choosing GTB Group, you’ll benefit from the expertise that we've gained from many years of meeting the banking needs of clients around the world.

    As GTB banking client, you can:

    • Hold multiple accounts and use multiple currencies

    • Enjoy easy, worldwide access to your money

    • Make secure international payments in a range of currencies

    • Take advantage of potential financial planning opportunities, with advice from your independent financial        adviser. Access savings and investment solutions that can help you grow and protect your wealth.

    • Manage your wealth easily through online banking

Securing Financial Stability

In times of financial or political instability, it can be wise to place your wealth in a secure financial haven Bank. At GTB Group, we offer a choice of well-regulated, Bank locations: The Isle of Man Jersey London banking for foreign nationals living in Denmark. If you live in Denmark but have no  National Access, Our banking can offer you a financial planning opportunities. Our comprehensive range of banking products are available in a range of currencies and locations.

FX and currency services

   If you often use multiple currencies, we can help. We offer a comprehensive set of educational content from currency experts. You’ll find this particularly useful if you are considering:

    Converting money for purchasing in foreign currencies, making regular payment (eg, making payment in a different currency to which you receive your income) and managing your overall foreign currency exposure.

    Many factors affect foreign exchange rates. So we have put together some helpful resources to help you manage your international banking. Learn more about