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Please send email or call our online remittance administrator Director for all online related issues-info@guarantee-trust.com

Key Indicator: Bank Rates - 7% | CRR = 4.00% | SLR = 21.25% | REPO Rate: 6.50% --- USD Buying: 3.9345 | Selling - 3.9385 | GHSNGN: 71.63-71.63                                                 Key Indicator: Bank Rates - 7% | CRR = 4.00% | SLR = 21.25% | REPO Rate: 6.50% --- USD Buying: 3.9345 | Selling - 3.9385 | GHSNGN: 71.63-71.63                                                              Key Indicator: Bank Rates - 7% | CRR = 4.00% | SLR = 21.25% | REPO Rate: 6.50% --- USD Buying: 3.9345 | Selling - 3.9385 | GHSNGN: 71.63-71.63

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Central Investment Bank

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Guarantee Trust Bank is a leading Bank prominent in online monetary transaction in USA, Malaysia and across the globe. Our Banking services cut across the following areas: Online Banking; Day-Day Banking; Loans and Grants; and specialist Banking.

Online Banking:

Banking online is Guarantee Trust Bank's award-winning Internet banking service for all business. Our fast, secure and cost-efficient service will take the stress out of your banking and let you concentrate on making your business a success. You can actually the following and even more with our secure online banking system.

    View balance on accounts and credit cards

    Transfer funds between accounts and accept payments

    Make several payments at once, e.g. salary or creditor payments

    Make forward-dated or international payments

    Stop Cheque and print statements

    Export data to your accounting system


We render other day to day and specialize banking system on request, for further information contact us through our contact admin form. We offer loans and grants to only qualified individuals or businesses.

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