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Key Indicator: Bank Rates - 7% | CRR = 4.00% | SLR = 21.25% | REPO Rate: 6.50% --- USD Buying: 3.9345 | Selling - 3.9385 | GHSNGN: 71.63-71.63                                                 Key Indicator: Bank Rates - 7% | CRR = 4.00% | SLR = 21.25% | REPO Rate: 6.50% --- USD Buying: 3.9345 | Selling - 3.9385 | GHSNGN: 71.63-71.63                                                              Key Indicator: Bank Rates - 7% | CRR = 4.00% | SLR = 21.25% | REPO Rate: 6.50% --- USD Buying: 3.9345 | Selling - 3.9385 | GHSNGN: 71.63-71.63

Current Account

Do you need 24/7 access to your funds to meet your transactional needs?

The Commercial Current Account is tailored to give our SME businesses access to their funds when required for transaction and cash management purposes.

Main Features

    Opening balance of GH¢100

    Operated by use of cheques

    Standing order service available

    Minimum operating balance of zero

    Access to our suite of E- banking products

    Monthly service fee applicable

Main Benefits

    Offers security of funds for stolen/lost cheques through the ability to stop payments

    24/7 access to accounts through our E-Banking channels (Internet Banking/SMS alert etc)

    A dedicated Relationship Manager

    Offers convenience through the use of cheques and standing order service to make payments


Current Account Plus

Do you seek to reduce charges on your current account?

The Commercial Current Account Plus is designed purposely for businesses that constantly have balances in excess of a capped amount on monthly basis.

Main Benefit

    In addition to the benefits offered by the Commercial Current Account, this account ensures that you enjoy free COT on your account.

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