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Key Indicator: Bank Rates - 7% | CRR = 4.00% | SLR = 21.25% | REPO Rate: 6.50% --- USD Buying: 3.9345 | Selling - 3.9385 | GHSNGN: 71.63-71.63                                                 Key Indicator: Bank Rates - 7% | CRR = 4.00% | SLR = 21.25% | REPO Rate: 6.50% --- USD Buying: 3.9345 | Selling - 3.9385 | GHSNGN: 71.63-71.63                                                              Key Indicator: Bank Rates - 7% | CRR = 4.00% | SLR = 21.25% | REPO Rate: 6.50% --- USD Buying: 3.9345 | Selling - 3.9385 | GHSNGN: 71.63-71.63

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Central Investment Bank

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Who we are

Home to our headquarters and 80% of the world’s hedge funds, GTB Group has long been a preferred Bank jurisdiction due to its flexibility, effective regulation and reasonable cost. Its legal system is grounded in English common law and we offer readily-available professional and high-quality service providers, as well as a first-class infrastructure. We serve the global hedge fund industry with a full suite of services – Fund Governance, FATCA, AIFMD, Banking + Custody, Trust, Corporate and Outsourcing solutions  from its access base. At home and internationally, our principals are leaders in the financial services industry, highly regarded for their expertise and experience and adherence to regulatory excellence.

We have the largest fund governance team in the industry, with over 225 professionals spread across our seven jurisdictions. With DMS, you get the resources of a worldwide firm that represents investment funds with AUM exceeding US$330 billion and whose process, technology, and team have been refined by over a decade of experience. DMS is proud to have been recognized as the Best Bank Regulatory Firm 2014 by Hedgeweek magazine.

Our Mission:

We’re committed to being your financial institution of choice by providing comprehensive products and services, and being a good corporate citizen by supporting the community where we live and do business..

Our Strengths:

    Risk Management



    Customer Service


Corporate Review

The Corporate Review provides an overview of the GTB , including profiles of the Bank's main business lines, our commitment to corporate social responsibility, and the Access employee experience.